Faraday Isolator

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Faraday isolator is a kind of magneto-optical device based on Faraday magneto-optical effect. It can rotate the polarization direction of the polarized light into a certain angle, and the rotation direction is only related to the internal magnetic field, and has nothing to do with the light direction. The rotation angle of common Faraday isolator is designed as 45˚ or 90˚. A 45˚ polarizer is placed between two polarizers in a 45˚ configuration to form an faraday optical isolator. Faraday optical isolator is a kind of magneto-optical device with unidirectional light transmission, which is widely used in laser amplification system, film-locked laser and laser measurement equipment.

Our company has independently developed and produced a series of polarizers and isolators, which are made of high-quality terbium gallium garnet (TGG) magneto-optical crystal, polarizing spectroprism and high coercive magnetic materials, so as to ensure that the series products have the highest isolation, transmittance, laser damage threshold resistance and temperature application range.