Laser Glass

Laser glass consists of matrix glass and activated ions. The physical and chemical properties of laser glasses mainly depend on the substrate glass, and the spectral properties of laser glasses are mainly determined by the activated ions, but they are also interrelated and influenced by each other. In the research and development of new laser glasses, the relationship between them is very important. Activated ions in glass materials are in disordered solid glass matrix. Although most of them can produce laser-activated ions in glass, they can produce laser in crystal, and the fluorescence mechanism is the same. However, the behavior of the activated ions varies slightly with the substrate: the polarization of the glass medium is the main factor in the glass, and the effect of the crystal matrix is mainly dependent on the lattice field, showing different spectral characteristics. At the same time, the physical and chemical properties of the matrix are different, so that they can be applied to different application purposes.

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