Ti:Sapphire Crystal For 780nm Laser

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Product Size/mm Quantity /pcs Product refractive index Requirements
Ti:Sapphire 4*4*24 3 1.76 Double Sided Coating


Processing Requirements

  • Pump Laser:532nm/10- 20kHz/25W/20ns;
  • Laser Wavelength:780nm
  • Absorption Efficiency:>95%
  • Aperture of light transmission:4mm*4mm
  • Surface Finish:10/5

Coating Requirements

  • AR@532nm&780nm&980nm,R<0.5%,Damage threshold up to 750MW/cm2
  • In the case of ensuring the damage threshold, try to control R between 500nm and 1000nm

Coating Test Curve

Ti Sapphire Coating Test Curve S1 - Laser Crylink

Ti Sapphire Coating Test Curve S2 - Laser Crylink

Product Images

Ti-Sapphire Crystal-4x4x24mm-Laser Crylink

Ti-Sapphire Crystal-4x4x24mm-Laser Crylink