237nm Microchip Laser System of MI Series

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237nm 2.5ns Microchip Laser System of MI Series 

MI series microchip laser is a passively Q-switched solid-state laser based on semiconductor pump. The laser pulse is pure without tail, the single pulse energy is stable, and the beam quality is good. The integrated design of semiconductor pump module and laser crystal makes the compact laser head easy to install and integrate. The system supports internal and external triggering. The full sealing module inside the laser head can be used by customers for secondary development and application.

Model CL237-2KHz-1μJ-MI001
Wavelength(nm) 237
Repetition frequency (KHz) 2*
Average power(mW) 2
Output energy(uJ) 1
Pulse width (ps) 1500
Power stability (8h) ±3%
Beam mode TEM00
Full-angle divergence angle Typ. (Mrad) level @1/e2 6
Vertical @1/e2 6
Polarization characteristics >100:1 
System power consumption(W) ≤25
power input 100-240 VAC,50/60Hz
Control interface RS232、USB
Power supply size (W×H×L, mm) 168×88×140
Laser head size (W×H×L, mm) 45×30×120
Working temperature (℃) 15-35
Storage temperature (℃) 0-60
1.*The light outlet of the laser head is side outlet. See the mechanical dimension drawing for details
2.Customized internal beam expansion function to meet the requirements of small divergence angle (less than 2mrad)