532nm Microchip Laser System of MO Series

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MO series microchip laser compact structure, plug, and play, can choose space output or fiber coupling two modes.

Model CL532-200Hz-30/25μJ-MO003
Wavelength(nm) 532
Repetition frequency (Hz) 1-200
Maximum output energy of space beam (μJ) 30
Fiber Coupling Maximum Output Energy (μJ) 25
Pulse width (ns) ≤1
Energy Stability(rms) ≤3%
Energy Regulation Step Accuracy ≤2%
Beam mode (spatial beam output) TEM00
Full-angle divergence angle Typ. (Mrad) level @1/e2 ≤2
Vertical @1/e2 ≤2
Polarization characteristics ≥100:1
Fiber parameters (fiber coupled output optional) 200μm/0.22NA
Power input 24V DC
Modulation input TTL0-5V,SMB connector
Control interface RS232
Power supply size (W×H×L, mm) <20
Laser head size (W×H×L, mm) <10
Laser head size (W × H × L, mm) 82×79×190(space)/ 82x79x250(optical fiber)
Working temperature (℃) 10-40
Storage temperature (℃) 0-60
1. The supported operating frequency is 16~200Hz in continuous mode and burst mode.
2. Fiber core diameter: 200μm.
3. The power supply adapter is shipped with matching power supply, which can support 90~260VAC power supply input.